Assisted living


Assisted living refers to apartments or housing facilities which serve the purpose of helping those in special need or want personal or medical care. This involves care options, tailored to one’s needs. Assisted living facilities essentially cover support for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) which may include bathing, cleaning, meals, medications etc. These facilities mainly serve senior citizens who in their advanced age may now need help in handling daily activities.

For example, routines such as medications especially with the variety a senior citizen may need; could easily prove complex for them. Assisted living could come in with supervision over such medications, making sure you do not forget which capsules to use and when to use them. This article will provide you with a general knowledge of assisted living including memory assisted living, its cost and how you can find one near you.


 It is important to note, that assisted living apartments are different from nursing homes. While they might be similar, in that they both offer assistance services to their patients. There are several distinctions between them. For instance, nursing homes tend to look more like mini-hospitals or care units themselves. Assisted living apartments on the other hand, provide a more homely, community-like ambience around them. Such that their patients feel more like in their own homes, than in an institution. Assisted living facilities also allow more independence for their patients, compared to the round-the-clock monitoring, nursing homes usually practice. Furthermore, they provide separate apartment option for patients, unlike in nursing homes; where senior citizens may most likely, going to share their room with someone else. And of course, nursing homes require nurses with more experience in complex health conditions as they mainly cater for patients in such conditions.


There are several benefits assisted living provides for you. It provides a more personalised custom-made kind of care service for you, than the options that may be available to you in an independent retirement community or in a nursing home. This is especially helpful when you don’t need the intensive monitoring of a nursing home. It also allows you to enjoy more independence and privacy while still providing the security and safety of being able to call for help a dial away. This means while you have the privacy to watch your favorite shows without disturbance from any one, you also have access to help when you need it. For example, if you fall while walking the staAlso it relieves you of the burden of having to maintain your home, affording you a home-life without the work. There are also recreational centres where you can meet with others if you want to, or just relax. In all, it gives you the best of both worlds; privacy and access to help, to a home without the work among others.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?
How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?


Many people try avoiding assisted living services or other enhanced care services in general due to fear of not being able to afford it. This is understandable as the services cost around $15 to $30 per hour, averaging between over $1500 to $11000 per month. Nevertheless, with a little research you can find an assisted living service program that fits your needs and pocket. There are several factors that may affect the cost of assisted living facilities. These may include your geographical location, the intensity of care you may need, the home size you may choose or prefer and on the amount of assets or income available to you. Simply put, it may cost a lot, but the variety of choices to choose from, allows you find a facility less-expensive and suited to your needs.

There are several ways to fund the assisted living plan you finally choose. These vary, based on the resources available to you. First you could of course, personally fund your plan. While some assisted living services demand up-front payment, you could easily find those with more flexible who would receive payment monthly or even weekly, as may suit you. It is advised that you choose a plan you know is well within your means taking into consideration emergency costs.

You can also fund your assisted living plan, with your family’s support. It is understandable that you may not want to be a burden to them, but if they are willing to help and you know you may not easily afford your plan—-and you do need it, you can let them help. Services such as CARE TOGETHER provide services that make this option more effective, allowing your family keep in touch and in track of your health.

Another available option is not for profit organisations geared towards assistance for older adults. You can get across to the LOCAL AGENCY near you to find resources or organisations offering resources that could help you fund your assisted living service.

You could likewise use the Veteran’s AID & ATTENDANCE PENSION program channeled to those with difficulties in activities of daily living. They could pay over $1800 a month for your plan, although it is important to state, this service cannot be used if you are already using state aid resources. So you need to consider which works for you.

Finally, you could also use state Medicaid resources. Although these are only available to those below the federal poverty rates or levels (about $2000 in assets). You could visit the state aid agency closest to you, to find more details about the resources available to you. 




This refers to assisted living residential services for patients with impaired cognition, dementia, Alzheimer and the likes. These homes are specially designed to cater to the needs of such patients in need of memory care, reducing symptoms such as wandering, with easily navigable and comfortable environments. This service also involves skilled nursing and specialized care to provide the best treatment for patients. SUNRISE LIVING for example offers REMINISENCE NEIGHBOURHOOD that caters for such needs as of memory care patients may need.


If you’re in need of assisted living services and don’t know where you can find them or find those suited to your needs, we have compiled a detailed amount of assisted living homes you can find near you. You can check them out below.

Assisted Living homes you can find near you