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Before we explain what an home care agency is, let’s first define what home care means. Home care simply refers to medical  care services given by professional medical workers in the homes of the patients. These are care services given by registered and licensed healthcare professionals who give medical treatments such as medications, assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing, feeding and the likes. It also includes rehabilitation therapy for patients recovering from injuries among others.

This is provided in the homes of patients or in special cases, in special home-like communities, made to assist residents by providing the requisite medical care they need on a daily basis. It is also called home-health care, domiciliary care, in-home care among other names.

This home care service is offered to mainly older adults, terminally ill patients, or patients convalescing from a surgery or certain ailment. It is distinguished from non-medical care otherwise known as custodial care, in that it is care provided for by professional and licensed medical personnel. These include, licensed nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, medical social workers among others.

Home care services may include assisted home health care, short-term nursing, and various kinds of therapeutic care required by the patient. It has become a more preferred and prevalent form of care as it allows residents to maintain their independence in their homes as opposed to living in a facility and utilize home care services at the same time. Providing the best of two worlds, for those who use the services.

Taking the above into account, an home care agency is one that provides home care services. As already illustrated above, they are the agencies to provide the needed by your senior citizen or family member recovering from an illness or injury in need of rehabilitation but prefers to be treated at home.


Today home care is become the more popular choice for assisted living. This is due to the many benefits it possesses. These benefits and or advantages, are what make up the various reasons home care has become a prevalent choice in the field of assisted living, here are a few of them.

Convenience of being at Home

Home care essentially provides the preferred service of being able to stay at home, while receiving treatment. It offers the convenience of being able to do this within familiar surroundings and a more homely ambience.

The psychological benefits this proffers help in the general wellbeing of the patient. This has made it a more preferred mode of health care.

Access to Professional Personnel

Home care services also offer access to professional medical care from the comfort of one’s home. It allows regular supervision of the patient, such as monitoring of their medication, bathing, preparing their meals and other activities of daily living.  

How do I choose a home care agency?
How do I choose a home care agency?

Saves family member stress, keeps family togetherness

It also saves busy family members from the stress that could evolve from having to take care of their older family members and balance their work lives. Home care allows you to spend enough time, working and being able to pay adequate attention to work, without having to worry about your family member’s health and safety at home. It essentially promotes the bond in families who can offer encouragement to their ill family member in other to enhance their recovery.

Enhances Health

Given the above benefits of home care it aids the patient recover easily, it provides the necessary social interaction for patients to improve their health and well-being in a familiar surrounding. This is made available with the proximity and support of family members.

Less expensive

Another advantage of home care services asides those given above, is the fact that it is cheaper than receiving health care in a hospital. You don’t have to pay for the use of the hospital equipments and facilities such as accommodation and feeding which can be covered by their patient in their homes. This means that it allows you save money while providing the priceless support of family members.


In choosing an home care agency, there are several things to consider and several items to take into account. Here are few you must consider in choosing the best home care agency suited  to you.

Evaluate the home care services you may need

This is very fundamental and important. The first thing you want do when you want to choose your home care agency, is to check and evaluate the home care needs you may need. These are to be determined by the activities you or your loved one, finds difficult to do independently.

This may include medications, cooking meals, maintenance of personal hygiene and the likes.

You can also consult your family members and especially your doctor to help you make your evaluations.

  •  Set Your Budget

After considering the services you need, you also need to consider your pocket! So you want to know how much it costs, and the prices each home care agency charges so as to be able to find the best deal for you or your loved one. But above this,  you need to ensure the agency is one that provides quality services. You can check senior living home care services here  

  • Search and select your Home Care Agency

Now that you know the activities you need home care assistance with and the budget you can afford, you now need to select the home care agency. You can find the nearest home care agencies to you through directories available online, or at your health centre, you could also decide from referrals given by your family members and doctors.


In your bid to find a perfect home care agency for yourself or your loved one, we have provided a directory you can check to find the best deal for yourself. You can check them right here

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