Good Samaritan Society

Good Samaritan Society

At the heart of the Good Samaritan Society is a belief deeply rooted in God’s love. Here, you’re not just a resident – you’re a valued individual deserving of respect, dignity, and warmth.

While many establishments offer senior housing and support services, the Good Samaritan Society stands apart because of our ‘why’. Our actions spring from faith, love, and a genuine compassion. Our commitment is not just to serve, but to serve with a heart that recognizes the inherent value of every individual.

With us, you’ll find not just a place but a home. A home filled with care, understanding, and the promise that we’re here for you, always.

Meet Our Team: Heartbeats of Compassion

Good Samaritan Society organization thrives on the dedication of its people. From caregivers, leaders, to volunteers, every member of our team believes in our mission. Their unified purpose is to manifest God’s love through health, healing, and comfort.

Joining our family means becoming a part of this greater mission. Our residents and their dear ones are our pride and joy. We feel privileged to have you as part of the Good Samaritan Society family.

Empowering Independence and Individuality

Relish the freedom you crave, backed by the support you need. Our staff, a team of seasoned healthcare professionals, are dedicated to promoting personal choices. With us, you can chase your passions, cultivate new hobbies, and live a life of meaning and joy.

Embrace an Active, Purposeful Life

At the Good Samaritan Society, we believe in the power of staying engaged – be it physically, mentally, or spiritually. Treasure your past, make the most of your present, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow surrounded by family, friends, and a caring community that propels you to live with zest.

Diverse Housing Alternatives for Seniors

From independent living spaces like apartments, townhomes, and cottages to specialized environments for assisted living and memory care, we offer a spectrum of housing options. Basic provisions typically encompass:

  • Utilities
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal plans
  • Transportation

Certain services might incur separate costs or be available on demand. We also offer home health care services at an additional price.

Unwavering 24/7 Care & Support

Day in and day out, our commitment is to ensure our residents have the care they deserve. Whether it’s long-term care, rehabilitation therapy, or skilled nursing, we are here every hour, every day.

Our long-term care communities provide:

  • Expert on-site therapists
  • Activities for social and spiritual enrichment
  • Personalized care, round the clock
  • Wholesome meals
  • Amenities like barbershops and salons
  • Collaborative care planning with families

Above all, Good Samaritan Society guiding principle remains unshaken: Every resident is entitled to care that enriches their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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