The Saratoga Retirement Community

The Saratoga Retirement Community

The Saratoga Retirement Community is a community that has been around for over 100 years. It was first opened to serving seniors in the year 1912.

The Saratoga lifestyle is interesting, not only because of how glamorous it is but because of how enriching the activities and classes they provide are. Unlike other retirement communities, the Saratoga Retirement Community focuses on individuals who need assisted living. This is because of how personal the care provided within the rooms is. For instance, each individual who lives in the Saratoga retirement community has a room filled with light and sun.

There are also individuals who are on site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help care for the elderly living in this assisted living style Saratoga Retirement Community. One of the most impressive features has to be the two different styles of living. The retirement community offers cottage living as well as apartment living.

Campus Activities

There are many campus conveniences featured within the Saratoga Retirement Community. For instance, the individuals who reside within the Saratoga Retirement Community are able to enjoy the koi pond within their own community.

There is also an English Rose Garden perfect for a walk in the afternoon when the weather is warm and accompanies a breeze. Not only are there classes and activities created by the staff, but there are also an arts and crafts studio, activity and game room, a library, a dog run, a fitness facility, and a computer learning center for those who want to enrich their minds.

Wellness Programs

The Saratoga Retirement Community also has a wellness program built into their philosophy. This means that they not only intend to support wellness and health that is emotional and social but also physical and intellectual.

The way that the Saratoga Retirement Community has gone about this is that they have created an active events calendar for a specific community only events that are published. Not only are there social events on the calendar but there are also fitness and aquatic centers the offer many different exercise classes that can be taken regardless of the level.

Headquarters: 14500 Fruitvale Ave Saratoga, CA 95070