Arroyo Vista Nursing Center

Arroyo Vista Nursing Center

Arroyo Vista Nursing Center in San Diego, CA, offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation and health care services, focusing on providing a customized therapy program for each resident. The center emphasizes creating a comfortable, safe, and therapeutic environment for its guests, with activities and excursions designed to keep residents active and engaged. Their dedicated staff aims to exceed expectations and make a difference in the lives of those they serve. The facility has earned a 5-star overall rating from for the quality of care delivered.

Arroyo Vista Nursing Center is a skilled nursing facility located in San Diego, California, known for its outstanding, compassionate, and professional nursing care. The center specializes in comprehensive and effective treatment plans designed to improve the health and comfort or its patients within state-of-the-art facilities. Also, Arroyo Vista is Medicare & Medicaid certified.

It is a relatively small facility with a maximum occupancy of 53 beds. Thus, making it easier for its certified staff to provide custom care to each one of its patients. The amenities include a newly renovated therapy gym, comfortable and spacious private rooms, outdoor patios, and gardens.

It is important to note that even though the nursing center does not have a specific age restriction, the average age of residents is 73. However, there are plenty of activities and events, including cooking classes, arts and crafts, music programs, religious services, and monthly outings.

As expected, the center offers a variety of services that include:

Physical Therapy

Focused on creating strength and function impairment that may occur after an injury, surgery, or as a result of age-related degeneration. It is done by skilled physical therapists that work based on the individual needs of each patient.

Occupational Therapy

Usually aimed at senior citizens, occupational therapy looks to improve or maintain the ability of patients to perform everyday tasks or engage in hobbies. Note that only professional therapists perform this type of treatment to ensure efficiency.

Speech Therapy

A speech therapist is responsible for assessing language, cognition, and swallowing dysfunctions. Their main job is to work with residents that may have modified diets to help them get back to eating regular foods.

There is also an outpatient care plan where previous residents and patients can return to the clinic for continued therapy if needed. Furthermore, its therapy programs also serve Assisted Living Centers and Senior Centers to provide wellness classes, ongoing training and education, and health screenings.

Also, the center has therapists certified in specialty areas of practice, such as wound care, neurological conditions, Lymphedema, and pulmonary programs.

Besides, the center provides 24/7 nursing care to residents who require assistance with grooming, bathing, clothing, eating, and so on. Other services include medication management, dietary services, and medical assistance. However, note that the Arroyo Vista Nursing Center is not a hospital, and thus, it may not be the best option for patients who need intensive care.

Additional Information

Price Range

The average cost of care is around $10,454 per month. However, it varies depending on the services needed.  

Number of Homes/Community Size

The Arroyo Vista Nursing Center is a small facility with only 53 beds. As of today, it counts with 48 live-in residents.

Age Restrictions

They do not have a specific age restriction.

Home Types

Arroyo Vista is not a ‘Continuing Care Retirement Community.’ Hence, it only offers one type of accommodation consisting of spacious, comfortable, and private rooms.

Contact Information

Phone: 619-283-5855


Arroyo Vista Nursing Center

3022 45th Street – San Diego, CA 92105

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