Hampton Lake

Hampton Lake Retirement communities

Hampton Lake, a highly rated and multiple award-winning retirement community located in Bluffton, South Carolina, is one of the most luxurious community homes in the country. It is located just west off Hitlton head Island and the community is one of the jewels of the area.

The amazing group of owners, the luxurious resort-like amenities and comfortable atmosphere of the area makes it a number one destination for seniors all over the country. It is an easy-to-live-in, fun and and convenient place for one to just kick back, relax and enjoy all the good things that life has got to offer.

The resort-like community has a gigantic 182 acre privately owned fresh water lake. This of course adds to the natural texture and pleasant mood of staying at Hampton lakes. The community expertly combines the great benefits of a natural scenery with the comfort of city life in a wonderful synergy.

Amenities and Activities

Hampton Lake, in addition to being a community of comfort and luxury, is also one of the activities. There are also a lot of amenities that the community provides that helps life in the community take on a pleasant, sweet, and pampered flavour.

  • The lakeside villages houses the community and the lake house clubhouse, a remarkable edifice built to foster community spirit, hosts parties, indoor gatherings and generally any sort of social activity that homeowners may fancy. Apart from being a wonderful choice for an event center, the grand nature of the clubhouse makes it a delightful venue for social interaction among members of the community. This fosters community spirit and helps to bring all members of the community into a whole, happy and inclusive family.
  • Fitness central is a health and wellness center whose sole aim it is to look after the physical health of members. Members can go to fitness central to train, exercise and generally make use of their muscles. Yoga classes and pilates classes with stand-by teachers are available so that residents always have guides in whatever fitness regimen they chose to undertake. The classes take place throughout the week and this means that members can exercise at their own pace and have very flexible schedules.
  • A fully equipped and dearly luxurious relaxation spa is also available for members who want to feel pampered. There are also recovery massages and nail services for members. All this adds to the resort-like nature of Hampton lakes.
  • There is also a complimentary fitness evaluation for all members of the community. This is a token of the dedication of the Hampton lakes community to optimum health for its’ members.
  • An outdoor bar and fireplace at the tower bar is a place for residents to relax, enjoy and maybe get a drink with friends and loved ones. It’s a comfortable arena for  this sort of social activity.
  • Doc’s boathouse offers free use of Kayaks to residents who are interested in rowing or fishing in the 182 acre fresh water private lake in the community.

Type of Community

When considering moving to Hampton Lake or a similar community, it’s important to evaluate several factors:

  • Security: Gated
  • Levels of Care: Independent living
  • Phone: (843) 836-5253
  • Web Address: www.hamptonlakes.com
  • Address: 7 Hampton Lake Drive
    • Bluffton, SC 29910
    • 866.875.LAKE (5253)
  • State: South Carolina
  • City: Bluffton
  • Price Range: $390, 000 – $1, 090, 000
  • Number of Homes: 900
  • Age Restrictions: none
  • Home Types: new and resale homes
  • Community Size: 700+

Hampton Lake is a master-planned community known for its focus on outdoor living and community engagement, though the specific details can vary depending on its location. Assuming you’re referring to one of the more well-known Hampton Lakes, such as the one in Bluffton, South Carolina.