Pathways Healthcare

Pathways Healthcare

Pathways Healthcare is a certified home care agency based in Westwood, Massachusetts that offers physician and on-call medical services. This agency specializes in combining an institutional experience and structure with the cozy environment of the patients’ homes. Also, Pathways Healthcare is accredited by ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care).

Pathways Healthcare’s cutting edge program is based on operating as a hospital while serving patients in the comfort of their homes. It is essential to take into account that this agency has been working in bringing back to home nurses and physician practitioners. In this sense, it seeks to offers 24/7 services.

As a home care agency, Pathways does not have a specific age restriction. However, their services focus on elderly care and health.  Thus, their ultimate goal is to prevent emergencies and to attend fast to patient’s homes.

Usually, home care agencies’ services are limited, but Pathways Healthcare center stands out by offering a substantial number of services.

As mentioned above, this agency offers a variety of services that include:

Senior Living transition program

It is focused on providing a pre-move in evaluation to assist within the transition into senior living. This senior living transition program includes typically a safety evaluation and a prescreening.

Home Medical Intervention Program

Usually aimed at senior citizens, this program seeks to immediately intervene for a rapid diagnosis test, proper medical equipment, and medication.

Re-hospitalization prevention Program

Once a patient is back at home from hospitalization, the agency evaluates the patient to identify high-risk factors and prevent any other crisis. Once the evaluation is taken over, the medical team creates and proposes a specialized treatment for the patient.

Bridge to Primary Care Program

This program is specially designed for those patients that are changing doctors, or that are moving into another city. In this case, the agency seeks to create a bridge between the patient and the new medical team. How? Simple, by offering options based on the patient’s profile and finding them a new primary care physician on their new location.

Specialized On-Call Program

The Specialized On-Call Program is the leading service provided by Pathways Healthcare, as their objective is to assist patients with primary medical attention and care. Once the patient (or family) calls the emergency number, the agency will be on site as soon as they receive the call. The medical team will then visit the patient’s home to asses the situation.

Other services include medication management and medical assistance. However, note that Pathways healthcare is a rapid answer program center and that although they provide medical aid, it is neither a clinic nor a hospital. As a result, it may not be the best option for patients who need intensive care.

Additional Information

Price Range

The average cost of care is around $10,454 per month. However, it varies depending on the services needed. 

Age Restrictions

They do not have a specific age restriction.

Contact Information

Phone: 617-481-90-77 / 800-939-1855



Pathways Healthcare

101 Station Drive, Suite 240 – Westwood, MA 02090