Watermark Retirement Communities

Watermark Retirement Communities

The Watermark Retirement Communities are communities located in the U.S. This retirement community prides itself on the premium eldercare provided in their various locations. Currently, there are over 58 communities all over the U.S.

They are unique because the community not only provides comfort and entertainment to senior citizens but also care pertaining to their health. The individuals working for Watermark Retirement Communities understand that every elder looking for a retirement community and home has different needs. The different styles of living offered by Watermark Retirement Communities include CCRCs, standalone independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

The Watermark Retirement Communities have an interesting design. Nearly all of their buildings, regardless of their location in the U.S have been designed to mirror and mimic a luxurious hotel experience. This is not only impressive because of how glamourous their buildings appear to be, but also because each of their locations offers different amenities and types of care.

Stylish Amenities

This particular retirement community believes in living a stylish and comfortable life after retirement. This may be why their communities have such a unique design like no other. Their buildings appear to be hotel style and in some of their designs, shopping and social areas are located in the middle of the hotel-style living quarters. Not only are the retirees living in the Watermark Retirement Communities living in beautiful homes, but they are also offered hundreds of activities that benefit everyone’s different personalities.

This is because the Watermark Retirement Communities have created something they call ‘Watermark University’ where there are seven specific things that are focused on (spiritual, emotional, vocational, physical, social, environmental, and intellectual).

Activities Placed on Calendar

Other activities that are offered at Watermark Retirement Communities include fitness group classes, painting, religious and spiritual lessons, group neighbor games, and even using virtual reality to experience adventures without having to leave the luxurious and beautiful location. There is a catalog posted on each of the Watermark Retirement Communities websites which show exactly what classes and activities are being given and when.

A few activities listed are also simple and open discussions based on topics from both the past and present.

Watermark offers different living options, including:

Web Site: https://www.watermarkcommunities.com/